Exceptional toys for small birds

Exceptional toys for small birds

I like to share products that I love and I feel are unique and exceptional. When I shop for bird toys, I often find the following:

  • Plastic and lots of it
  • Toys that skew towards larger birds
  • Toys made out of only one or two materials
  • They aren’t particular clever or interesting

The company I want to share is called Little Blue Bird Toys. It’s potentially a one person operation but I never asked. They sold on Etsy for awhile but appear to sell exclusively on their website.

The toys are very unique, unlike most toys I’ve seen. My favorite part is the list of materials they use is very long. And most toys have 3 or more different types of materials. Here’s a list I compiled, which may not be comprehensive.

  • cork
  • cardboard cups
  • paper shred
  • balsa
  • wooden beads
  • paper cord
  • hardwood
  • leather
  • cupcake paper
  • bamboo
  • paper woven balls
  • palm shred
  • yucca
  • grapevine
  • pine
  • popsicle sticks
  • coconut
  • mahagony
  • sola
  • willow
  • loofah
  • buri
  • basswood
  • tree roots
  • paper straws
  • pod cups

Here’s one product my cockatiels love. Well, they like everything I buy from Little Blue Bird Toys.

I know what my cockatiels are doing today!

This one has the following materials:

  • 12 wooden beads
  • 9 mahogany slices 
  • 18 balsa squares
  • 9 natural corks
  • finished with cane twists 
  • strung on tri-woven paper cord.

The different textures and hardness of the materials seems to be something my birds love and maybe yours will too.

Tell them you read about us here! Maybe they’ll give us free stuff. 🙂